In cooperation with the City Of Antwerp, Engine27 & RobovisionFactory Control Projects, is working on multi-modal detection of criminal events.

Law enforcement is an essential part of our modern democracy, but one that is increasingly under pressure due to the increasing labor costs of law enforcement agencies. For many years, the city and police have been using camera surveillance as an essential part of the operational support of civil servants in the field.

There is however a tension field: on one hand, the pressure of local politics is great to equip more neighborhoods with cameras, while on the other hand, these cameras must also be manned and watched. 

This project, this Fieldlab of the Future, has the following ambitions:

For starters, automatic detection of problem situations, so that fewer police officers have to be deployed to look up these situations in the camera teams. These operators can then return to the streets, where they can patrol and mediate visibly.

And secondly, the development of new detection methods that have already been used in the industry, but which are not yet or only to a very limited extent applied in law enforcement and surveillance.

This is a Crossroads2 project supported by the European Union as part of Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland.